Business Financial Support


How can my business benefit from the CARES Act?

What is the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and how do I apply?

How do I take advantage of the SBA Disaster Relief Fund program?

What other loans are available to help my small business during COVID-19?

What grants are available?

What is the state doing to provide relief to Arizona's business community?

What businesses and operations are deemed "essential" by the state?

What about taxes? Have there been any filing extensions or relief initiatives?

What guidelines and regulations should I be aware of during this time?

What changes are being made to industry regulations and licensing requirements during this time?

What are banks doing to help?

What business planning resources are available to me as I prepare my business for COVID-19?

How can my business help?

I am a business that wants to provide free or reduced services to the community. Who can I contact?