Arizona Together

Governor Doug Ducey launched the Arizona Together initiative to support Arizonans during the COVID-19 outbreak, connecting individuals and businesses to resources, raising money for community organizations and providing information on volunteer opportunities


The AZ Coronavirus Relief Fund, established by Governor Ducey as part of the initiative, will provide financial support to organizations working to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 in Arizona. Initially, the fund will focus on the following immediate needs. Michael J. Bidwill, Chairman and President of the Arizona Cardinals, has stepped forward to provide a generous founding contribution to the fund of $1 million.


The Arizona Together initiative brings together the growing list of resources and information being offered by state agencies and community partners. Individuals who register to volunteer through the website will be connected with organizations across the state seeking community assistance.

What can I do to support small businesses and local restaurants?

What can I do to support nonprofits in my community?

What non-profit grants are available?

What can I do to support workers that need childcare?

Are there opportunities for me to volunteer during this time?

What are grocery stores doing to help support elderly and vulnerable shoppers?

How is the state utilizing telemedicine during this time?

I’m a parent and am unsure when school is going to start again. How do I properly plan for this?