Essential Infrastructure


Essential Infrastructure

As the COVID-19 pandemic shifts school work, healthcare and more to be conducted within our homes, it is especially important for Arizonans to have reliable internet access. To support telehealth, teleworking and distance learning, this page provides insight to broadband support. In addition, Arizona’s modern infrastructure of transportation remains stable.

Staying Connected During COVID-19

Internet access during the COVID-19 crisis is more important than ever before. Fast, reliable, and affordable internet access keeps us connected to healthcare services, school coursework and each other. Arizona’s community leaders are coming together during this time to keep families, students and workers connected by launching a Mobile Hotspot Donation Drive, organizing a laptop drive and more.


Arizona Mobile Hotspot Drive

The Arizona Commerce Authority and the Arizona Department of Education have partnered to launch a Mobile Hotspot Donation Drive for students to continue their education at home.




Public wireless internet hotspots

The Arizona State Land Department maintains an interactive map of publicly available Wi-Fi hotspots in the state. Users can locate public hotspots near them including public libraries, commercial service providers and community submitted locations.



Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the above resources, read these frequently asked questions for more information on internet access, utilities and transportation.

How can I donate my unused mobile hotspot devices or laptops?

What tools are there to access broadband?

What commitments have utilities made to ensure continuity of service even if customers are unable to pay their bills?

What measures have been implemented to help rural residents, businesses and communities with rural utilities services?

How can I be assured that the transportation system will remain safe and reliable?