Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP)


Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP)

The USDA will provide up to $16 billion in direct payments to deliver relief to farmers and ranchers that face price declines and additional marketing costs due to COVID-19 through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program.


Funding is made available through the CARES Act which compensates farmers for losses due to price declines and specialty crops that spoiled from mid-January 2020 to mid-April 2020 and the Commodity Credit Corporation Charter Act to compensate producers for losses due to on-going market disruptions.


Am I eligible?

  • Non-specialty crops, wool, livestock, dairy and speciality crop producers
  • 5 percent or greater price decline and substantial marketing costs for inventories
  • Average adjusted gross income of less than $900,000 for tax years 2016 - 2018


The CFAP Application Generator and Payment Calculator is an Excel workbook that allows you to input information specific to your operation to determine estimated payments and populate the application form.


Applications open May 26 and will close August 28, 2020. To apply, contact a FSA county office to schedule an appointment. Find your local FSA office here and scroll to the bottom of the page. While FSA offices are open by phone appointment only, staff will work with you via phone, email, fax, mail, or online tools to receive your application.


Additional guidelines and application here