Access unemployment benefits

Arizona Back to Work

Arizona’s Back To Work program assists eligible workers returning to the workforce. The package includes provisions that offer child care assistance, support for individuals to acquire a GED or community college credits, return to work bonuses and more.


Back to Work Bonus

Arizona will stop taking the federal government’s pandemic unemployment benefits effective Saturday, July 10. Arizona will instead set aside $300 million of federal resources to offer first-come, first-serve Back to Work bonuses to eligible workers who rejoin the workforce. Workers who return with a full-time job will receive a $2,000 bonus and those who return to work with a part-time job will receive $1,000. To receive the bonus, workers must leave the unemployment insurance program and complete 10 weeks of work with an employer.



  • Must have applied for unemployment benefits before May 13
  • Must earn $25 an hour or less, equivalent to a $52,000 yearly salary
  • Must begin working by September 6, 2021


Additional guidelines and eligibility here