Regulatory and Tax

Regulatory and Tax Analysis

The Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) monitors Arizona's tax and regulatory competitiveness by collecting and quantifying tax and regulatory activities. This work provides baseline information that can be used to make informed decisions about the state of regulation and taxation in Arizona.

A.A.C. Word Count


Total Number of Rules

State Word Count Ranking


Total Words in AAC

Arizona's rank for total words in administrative code among all states
Word Count Data Table

*National rankings current through 2020; ranking from fewest (1st) to largest (50th)
State Restrictive Word Count Ranking


Total Restrictive Words in AAC

Arizona's rank for total restrictive words in administrative code among all states

*National rankings current through 2020; ranking from fewest (1st) to largest (50th)
A.A.C. Rule Revisions Count


Rules improved or eliminated across twenty-six agencies
A.A.C. Rule Revisions Savings


Annual Savings* for the Arizona Economy

*Estimated administrative savings for impacted businesses
Savings by Industry (2020)
Industries with Largest Savings
Total Savings
Regulatory Rule Inventory

The resources below list the active rules for each Arizona state agency. Data regarding the number of rules each agency has, along with the original authority for each rule are available for analysis. Rule authority is assigned to one of the following categories: agency discretion, state statute, federal statute, or definitions/applicability. Additional information can be found in the definitions and methodology document. 

Definitions and Methodology

Economic Impact of Regulatory Review

Arizona state agency rules are frequently improved or eliminated based on the changing needs of the state. These rule changes oftentimes have positive impacts on working professionals and business establishments within the state. OEO calculates the administrative cost savings generated from improving or eliminating agency rules.

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