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Career Readiness

The Skills and Training to Meet Employer Needs

ACRC closes the skills gap between employer needs and workers’ skills. ACRC certified workers know how to adapt to the ever-changing workplace and are masters in the key academic and employability skills needed for success. 

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Hiring and On-The-Job Training

ACRC is a no-cost, high-impact employee skills training and certification program that can help employers find, hire and upskill employees. Employers that incorporate the program into their pre- and post-employment practices streamline hiring, reduce turnover, optimize training and improve overall operations. Not only does the program provide job seekers and employees with the opportunity to prove their command of academic skills, it certifies professional skills like dependability and critical thinking. 

Advancing Careers

ACRC provides workers with opportunities to advance their careers. No matter what the career stage, the program equips workers with a state-recognized authentication of their foundational and professional skills. The credential makes job applicants stand out and gives them a competitive advantage, and gives current employees the flexibility for upward mobility

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Work Ready Math

The Work Ready Math assessment measures an individual’s workplace mathematical reasoning, problem solving and business math skills.

Contractors must be able to effectively bid for a project, by calculating the materials needed, the hours of work needed by laborers and rates, the applicable taxes involved and the desired profit margin.

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Work Ready Reading

The Work Ready Reading assessment measures an individual's reading comprehension and reasoning skills. Workers come across a variety of written text when on the job including memos, letters, directions, signs, notices, bulletins, policies and regulations.  

Manufacturing workers must be able to read standard operating procedures, understand policies and regulations in order to comply with safety regulations.

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Work Ready Data

The Work Ready Data assessment measures an individual's comprehension and application of workplace data such as charts, graphs, tables, forms, flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, maps and instrument gauges.

Architectural Engineers must be able to locate information in graphs, diagrams, floor plans and maps in order to communicate the project parameters to local governments to receive permits.

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Professional Skills

The Professional Skills assessment measures an individual's entry-level work tasks and behaviors, including cooperating with others, resolving conflict and negotiating, solving problems and making decisions, observing critically and taking responsibility for learning.

To be competitive in today’s workforce, employees in all industries and occupations must be able to cooperate with others, solve problems, and communicate effectively.

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Digital Literacy

The Digital Literacy Assessment provides users skills in computer and internet basics, digital methods of communication, computer applications, and security policies and procedures. This curriculum is suitable for use either in a self-directed experience or as a series of workshops and is not required to earn the ACRC credential.

To be competitive in today’s workforce, employees in all industries and occupations must be literate in all digital methods including how to navigate a computer, basic computer programs and communicating digitally.