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What To Expect


ACRC is available for any Arizonan who wants to certify or elevate their skills at no cost through statewide training providers. Individuals may participate in learning modules and pre-tests before taking the academic and professional skills final assessments, or may enroll directly in the final assessment.


The first step to get started is enrolling in the ACRC program. Enrollment takes only a few minutes and you will receive a confirmation email with login credentials once enrollment is completed. 

Initial Skills Review:

All four subject-areas have pre-tests that predict the user’s potential of success in the ACRC tests of those subjects. Once the pre-test is completed, the appropriate learning module will become available to increase skills in that subject matter.

E-Learning Modules:

Based on the results of the pre-tests, the system will provide extensive learning modules for the user to further develop knowledge in each subject at their appropriate learning level.


At the conclusion of each learning module, an internal post-test will indicate whether the user has mastered the knowledge and skills of that subject. These are not the proctored tests needed to achieve the certification and simply indicate readiness to either progress to the next unit level or to a new topic.

Badge Award:

Badges are earned after successful completion of any post-test or for bypassing levels based on the user’s pre-test score in the applied academic subjects.

Final Assessment:

Individuals earn the final certification by completing four proctored assessments in the four skill areas.

If you’d like to learn more about the program, please contact the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity.


Employers benefit from the program by certifying their job candidates’ skills or upskilling their current team. The program’s assessment tool reduces turnover and optimizes training by integrating into the hiring process, upskilling current employees or training new hires.

Screening Tool:

In pre-employment, employers may use the certification as a screening tool that is integrated into their hiring process. They may also require a certain score as part of a job posting.

Professional Development Tool:

In post-employment, the certification serves as a tool for professional development and upward mobility. Employees may evaluate or learn professional skills through the curriculum and content.

New Hire Training Tool:

The learning platform enables employers to close skills gaps for new hires, optimizing the onboarding and training process.

The Arizona Workforce Team will assist your team to best leverage the program. Please fill out the form below to get started.

Training Providers

Job and occupational training providers have the opportunity to integrate the ACRC into their suite of classes, assessments and other educational offerings. The Arizona Workforce Team will work with your team on how to add the ACRC to your training programs.


Please fill out the form below to get started.