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Skills & Development

Accessing Academic Performance and Professionalism

Job seekers who hold this certification have passed four high stakes, proctored assessments that document their understanding and application of skills and how they impact employers. Arizona is unique in that it not only assesses workers’ academic performance, but also professionalism.

Level2 (1)
Meet skill requirements for 35% of today’s jobs
Level3 (1)
Meet skill requirements for 59% of today’s jobs
Level4 (1)
Meet skill requirements for 90% of today’s jobs
Level5 (1)
Meet skill requirements for 99% of today’s jobs

Arizona by the Numbers

More than half of ACRC assessment participants score high enough to receive a Level 3 Certification in the Foundation Academic Skills assessments, proving they mastered the skills needed to perform 59% of all jobs in the market. About 90% of ACRC participants pass the academic test. Arizona is unique in offering a Professional Skills Assessment in addition to academic certifications. On average, participants score 81% on this component, indicating their ability to conduct themselves in a professional manner and grow in their position once hired.

Foundational Academic Skills
Work Ready Math

Basic math, business math, workplace mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills

Work Ready Reading

Understanding information including memos, letters and regulations, and following instructions including signs, policies and directions

Work Ready Data

Compression of data including charts, graphs, tables, forms, flowcharts, and application of data including diagrams of floor plans, maps and instrumental gauges

Professional Skills
Professional Skills

Communication, positive attitude, self-management, willingness to learn, thinking skills, teamwork and resilience

Digital Literacy
Digital Literacy

Computer basics, digital communication skills, security basics, internet basics and document basics



ACRC is also a valuable learning tool. Participants have available rigorous modules that not only test their knowledge, but teach them the skills along the way. This part of the program can be integrated into companies’ professional development programs, reskilling opportunities and onboarding practices. 

  • “European Techniques was having issues with retaining a workforce. Retention rates were around 71%, and declining quickly… Utilizing ACRC, European Techniques has seen an increase in retention to 92%.”
    - European Techniques
  • "The Arizona Career Readiness Credential is a way for our residents to prove to employers they have the skills it takes to succeed. They only need a chance. We are also hoping to hire candidates who hold an ACRC because the skills it covers are critical to success in our organization."
    - Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation