CEO: Wendy Jameson
Gilbert, AZ

Colnatec is a woman-owned “greentech” company from Gilbert that designs and builds thin film process control sensors, hardware, and electronics for nanotechnology manufacturing. The company developed and patented groundbreaking film thickness measurement and control products for making solar cells, flat panel and mobile displays, thin film lighting, optics, and flexible electronics that increase production yields, decrease manufacturing costs, and improve efficiencies.




HJ3 Composite Technologies, L.L.

CEO: James Butler
Tucson, AZ

HJ3 Composite Technologies is an Arizona Limited Liability Company formed in 2002. The company is a successful technology transfer  from the University of Arizona specializing in the use of carbon fiber reinforced polymers (FRP). The technology is used to strengthen and repair existing concrete, steel, wood and masonry structures at a fraction of the cost of traditional materials such as steel and concrete.




MSDx, Inc.

President: Marie Wesselhoft
Tucson, AZ

MSDx, Inc. is commercializing In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) blood test products for neurological and autoimmune disorders. Multiple Sclerosis is the first disease of focus. The company discovered a novel source of biomarkers that reflect the disease activity of a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patient. These biomarkers provide physicians with critical information that aids in monitoring disease progression, tracks response to drug therapy, predicts impending relapses, and facilitates drug development.





CEO: Helmuth Treichel
Tucson, AZ

Sunsonix develops a cleaning chemistry that improves the relative efficiency of silicon PV solar cells by up to six percent and overall absolute efficiency by up to one percent by removing trace contaminates that arise in the cell manufacturing process. There is currently no commercially viable methodology in the PV manufacturing segment addressing this contamination.