Agave Semiconductor

CEO: Dr. Robert Brannen, PhD
Phoenix, AZ

Agave Semiconductor is a fables semiconductor company that designs integrated circuits for the control of DC electronic motors. The market for power and processor based semiconductors used in non-industrial motor control is estimated to be worth more than $17 billion USD and growing with highest growth projected for brushless DC motors (IMS Research, 2010). Regional minimum motor efficiency legislation in the United States (EISA) and the European Union (ErP) are driving growth for efficient motors beyond organic demand with expectations of similar policies being adopted by China in 2013. This will have the effect of adding overall value to the market. Agave Semiconductor’s product improves the motor efficiency while reducing noise and vibrations, giving it a unique opportunity.




Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals

CEO: Jeffrey Jacob
Tucson, AZ

Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CPP) is developing “prevention therapies” for those with elevated risk for cancer. CPP is developing novel drugs, diagnostics and lifestyle recommendations that make possible the treatment of risk factors for cancer. This approach of treating risk factors has not only saved lives in heart disease, neurovascular disease and infectious diseases, it has resulted in multi-billion dollar blockbuster markets for “prevention therapeutics” such as cholesterol lowering drugs, blood pressure-lowering drugs and vaccines.CPP products have already demonstrated effectiveness in a Phase II/III clinical trial. The company is now working closely with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to make prevention therapies a reality for those at risk for cancer.




HJ3 Composite Technologies

CEO: James Butler
Tucson, AZ

HJ3 is an Arizona Limited Liability Company formed in 2002. The company is a successful technology transfer  from the University of Arizona specializing in the use of carbon fiber reinforced polymers (FRP). The technology is used to strengthen and repair existing concrete, steel, wood and masonry structures at a fraction of the cost of traditional materials such as steel and concrete.




Kutta Radios

President: Matthew Savoca
Phoenix, AZ

Kutta Radios, Inc. provides next-generation radio products to mine operators and first responders to enhance communication capabilities. The Kutta DRUM™ radio system is based on magnetic fields at medium frequency, which turns the metallic infrastructure in an underground / enclosed environment into a large antenna that carries the radio signal for miles. The Kutta DRUM™ radios are specifically designed to allow communications in challenging environments (mines, skyscrapers, subways, etc), are a low-cost alternative to current communication systems on the market today and can provide a life-saving communication link in an emergency situation.




MaxQ Technologies

CEO: Memo Romero
Chandler, AZ

MaxQ Technology designs, manufactures and markets advanced liquid cooled coldplates used in power converter systems for Electric Vehicle, Solar, Wind (Onshore & Offshore), Smart Grid, High Speed Rail, Industrial, Military and other applications such as Fuel Cells. MaxQ’s patent pending Q-Chill™ technology is the first new cooling approach for power semiconductors in the last 10 years and provides critical advantages in performance, reliability and cost, against all competing solutions.





CEO: Dave Albertson
San Francisco, CA (relocating to Metro Phoenix, AZ)

Wholesalefund LLC is a privately owned company that assists entrepreneurs and businesses in overcoming one of the most challenging hurdles: generating more leads and product sales. Wholesalefund produces an industry-leading software platform and business model allowing the company to get in front of tens of thousands of wholesalers, distributors and retailers, while leveraging digital marketing, software automation, direct marketing, brokering and hands on training programs for product distributors in the US.