Clear Demand

Executive Chairman: Brent Lippman
Scottsdale, AZ

Clear Demand is the developer of a retail pricing solution that synchronizes and optimizes prices, promotions and markdowns of products online and in-store. This solution produces a consistent brand and shopping experience for customers and helps retailers establish competitive pricing to increase revenues and improve their operating margins.


2013 Fall Winners


Co-Founder & CEO: Pat Sullivan
Scottsdale, AZ

Contatta is the developer of a cloud-based software solution that brings together all the ways you make contact into a single, intuitive email application you can use anywhere, on any device. This solution streamlines how businesspeople sell, communicate, collaborate, work and make contact with their customers and clients.

2013 Fall Winners  


CEO & Founder: Brian Houston 
Phoenix, AZ

Delivery-IT is the developer of a same-day delivery management platform that enables brick-and-mortar retailers to provide their customers with same-day delivery services from their local stores or distribution centers.



Photon Medical Communications

CEO: Gregory Grant
Phoenix, AZ

Photon Medical Communications is the creator of Photon, a HIPAA-compliant communication platform that uses push-notification technology to contact on-call physicians through their mobile smart devices. This platform securely delivers a complete package of electronic medical records, high-resolution images, diagnostics, ER notes and test results that allows physicians to share confidential patient information to improve patient outcomes.



Recoleta Digital Media

Founder & CEO: Alan Alexander
Tucson, AZ


Recoleta Digital Media is the creator of a Personal Grocery Circular system designed to help grocers showcase their product offers to loyalty card members. This digital platform aggregates and presents 150 individually-relevant discount offers to shoppers and allows them to access weekly deals and digital coupons via email link, mobile smart devices and grocer websites.




CEO: Alberto Osio yolia.com  Peoria, AZ

Yolia Health is the creator of a non-invasive, five-day eye treatment that corrects presbyopia, an age-related condition affecting people older than 40 from reading or doing close-up work without corrective lenses. The company’s True Vision Treatment combines customized contact lenses with specially formulated eye drops to modify a patient’s cornea, leading to corrected vision for up to one year per treatment.