Arizona Innovation Challenge2015 FALL AWARDEES

Beacon Biomedical Logo

Beacon Biomedical

President & CEO: Donald F. Weber
Scottsdale, AZ

Beacon Biomedical is a medical diagnostic device company that created rapid diagnostic technology for colorectal cancer.


Beckon Call Logo


CEO: Andrew Steele
Scottsdale, AZ

BeckonCall is an Saas-based platform for managing the communications chain for on-call doctors.


Clear Voice Logo


Co-Founders & Co-CEOs: Jay Swansson and Joe Griffin
Phoenix, AZ

ClearVoice is an SaaS-based content marketing platform for managing the solicitation, editing, and project management tasks for developing web content.


Glove Treat Logo

Paraffin International

CEO: Kevin Weber
Phoenix, AZ

Parffin International is the creator of the gLoveTreat product, an application method for paraffin-based therapies for treating several ailments including dry skin and arthritis.


Smartclinic Logo

Smart Clinic

Founder & CEO: Paul Berggreen
Paradise Valley, AZ

Smart Clinic is an SaaS-based platform that helps doctors manage the numerous pre- and post-treatment tasks necessary for healthy recovery.


The Medical Memory Logo

The Medical Memory

Founder & Chairman: Randall W. Porter, MD
Phoenix, AZ

The Medical Memory is a SaaS-based platform for shooting and managing videos of patients’ consultations with doctors.