The pursuit of job expansion and relocation projects most often comes down to which properties are best suited for the employer's needs and can accommodate them in the most immediate fashion.

Arizona Rural Certified Sites has been created to showcase the most ready to be developed and occupied properties for base industry employment purposes in the rural areas of Arizona.  The requirements for the Certification were developed with significant input from  industry experts from the real estate, planning, economic development and site selection fields and represent the most common and essential standards in real estate site selection.

There are two categories of Certification, Gold and Silver.  The Gold standard will meet all of the requirements outlined in the application.  The Silver status will meet most of the standards, yet lack 5 of the required criteria.  The Gold Certified properties will then be activated on the Arizona Commerce Authority's web page for access by the public.  Silver properties will not be until they complete the necessary items.  The status of properties will be updated every 6 months.

In order to be considered for Certification, the property must have the following attributes:

Key Criteria

  1. Five or more developable acres (if land)
  2. 5,000 or more square feet (if building)
  3. Willing seller or lesee with established asking price
  4. All utilities (water, sewer, electric power, telecommunication) at the site (or within 500 feet)
  5. Proven alignment with a local city, town or county and letter of commitment from this body
  6. No environmental liabilities (documentation regarding Phase I; endangered species reviews; geotechnical report; etc)
  7. Outside known flood-prone areas or remediation complete

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