Lean Manufacturing 101 Workshop

IMMERSE YOURSELF in an exciting scenario, as suppliers, customers and/or employees of a simulated electronic assembly factory.

HANDS-ON SIMULATION allow participants to apply Lean concepts, such as standardized work, visual signals, batchsize reduction and pull systems – workshop activities are designed to give you new tools to improve your business.

We begin by manufacturing products in a chaotic, traditional manufacturing firm. The Lean principles are applied to the results of your first simulation. For the remainder of the day, we revisit the manufacturing environment and use the Lean techniques that have been presented. You will learn the principles of Lean Manufacturing and how to apply them to your company.

By day’s end, participants will be able to identify the eight areas of waste and understand how to eliminate them, and will understand how applying Lean principles can improve their bottom line.

Attendees will be ready to help direct improving efficiencies, reduce waste, increase profitability and provide customers with high quality products at competitive prices. The end results are well worth your investment.

$200 for the first attendee, $150 for the second.

Space is limited, RSVP to LauriL@azcommerce.com.