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Thanks for sharing the love!

Even more ways to participate!

Your help is crucial! Here are a few more ways to tell us what you love most about Arizona.

  • Look for our Street Teams asking you to share the love on video, and share it.
  • Check out our YouTube site and hear what other people are saying, then spread the word.
  • Tell us what you love about Arizona on social media and be a positive voice.
  • Email your stories to us at promoteAZ@azcommerce.com and we'll share them for you.

You may be wondering why we're doing all this.

Arizona is a wonderful place and it's time people knew about it. We're seeking to find what is Genuine about this state. What is in the hearts of the people. And not just a few loud people. But ALL the people. Through your heart-felt stories and the love you share we'll be able to create a unified message and image for the state, attract more visitors and business and grow our economy. That's good for everyone! And we all play a role.