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ArizonaBroadband Equity, Access & Deployment Program

Arizona's Broadband Equity, Access and Development (BEAD) Program is the largest broadband investment in the state's history with the principal objective of universal broadband access for all. 

  • Ensures high-speed internet is available to every household, business, anchor institution and community within the state.
  • Promotes equity and digital inclusion.
  • Improves Arizona's broadband ecosystem, integrating with the Statewide Middle-Mile Strategic Program and other federal funding programs.
  • Enhances and coordinates Arizona's broadband related investments with other investments in social programs, education, and economic equity and development.


Arizona's vision is to provide dependable and affordable high-speed internet services to every community and access to the necessary digital skills, so every resident can fully participate in a digital world. The BEAD Five-Year Action Plan serves as a guide to achieving the following:

  1. Provide universal connectivity to unserved and underserved areas and ensure high speed internet access is available to every household, business, anchor institution, Tribal Nations and community in Arizona. 
  2. Promote digital equity and inclusion through increased digital skills and access to devices for all Arizona residents including Tribal Nations and their members.
  3. Create a 21st century workforce so Arizonans and Tribal Nations can succeed in the rapidly evolving job market where the state creates, grows and attracts high wage businesses to increase economic development.
  4. Coordinate broadband infrastructure investments with investments in
    healthcare, education, public safety, workforce and economic development statewide and on tribal lands.
  5. Promote broadband service pricing that is affordable to all Arizonans including Tribal Nations and their members.



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The ACA welcomes feedback from Arizona local government. Participation is vital to ensure competitive and fair allocation of grant funds, and broadband infrastructure implementation by awardees.


The survey should take less than 25 minutes to complete. You will have an option to save your entries and complete the survey later if more time is needed. This option is available and can be found beginning on page 2 of the survey in the lower right bottom of the survey web page. A PDF version of the survey can be found here. Please note, we will NOT be accepting completed PDF surveys for submission. To submit the survey, please do so using the survey link below.


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Please note that individual company responses from the survey will be kept confidential.


The ACA is hosting a series of virtual roundtable discussions for the League of Arizona Cities and Towns. The first roundtable meeting will be used to make introductions, provide context and background, highlight major policy decision points and conduct brief discussions. Comments and questions will then be compiled between the meetings and reviewed by the planning team in order to set up a well-informed and salient policy discussions for subsequent roundtable meetings. The discussions between all roundtable meetings will be summarized to be reflected in the BEAD planning process.  


Third BEAD League of Arizona Cities and Towns Roundtable Meeting
Thursday October 5, 2023 | 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

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Second BEAD League of Arizona Cities and Towns Roundtable Meeting

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