Measuring Arizona MEP’s Impact on Client Outcomes

As part of the federal Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Arizona MEP’s performance is measured through a client survey administered by a third party under contract with the federal program. The survey captures key business impacts resulting from the services provided by the Arizona MEP with a focus on new sales, retained sales, new investment, cost savings and improving competitiveness. These results are compared to the national performance standard, and each MEP is scored based on its overall performance.


In 2021, Arizona MEP earned a top score of 100 in three out of four quarters, outperforming the nationally set MEP performance standards and ranking as one of the top-performing MEPs in the country. Collectively, Arizona MEP clients reported the following benefits from the services Arizona MEP provided:


1. $353 Million in New Sales and $221 Million in Retained Sales

Arizona MEP services helped clients grow and retain sales.


2. Created and Retained 5,221 Jobs
Arizona MEP services resulted in clients hiring or retaining jobs to

support growth.


3. $142 Million in New Investments
Clients were able to invest in critical areas of operations because

of Arizona MEP services.


4. $36 Million in Cost Savings

Clients reported significant expense savings in labor, materials, energy, increased

efficiency and avoided some investments through process improvements.


5. Improved Competitiveness
Over 84% of clients say their competitiveness improved due to

Arizona MEP services.


Does your business have challenges that Arizona MEP can help solve?
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