In its commitment to strengthening Arizona's manufacturers, the Arizona Manufacturing Extension Partnership is excited to announce an array of impactful events slated for 2024. These events help manufacturers develop employees and business processes, enhance operational efficiency, and prepare for growth.


Leadership Development Program: Empowering New Leaders for Success

Arizona MEP created the Leadership Development Program for manufacturing employees recently promoted to leadership roles, including new line or cell leads, supervisors and engineers. Scheduled from March to September, this comprehensive program includes seven essential classes covering effective communication, conflict resolution, coaching and change management topics. By investing in the professional development of new leaders, organizations can mitigate turnover, foster job satisfaction and cultivate a culture of excellence.


“It is my pleasure to recommend the Leadership Development program for any company that wants to get their people on the same page or develop a standardized leadership program,” said Doug Timberlin, President of Cupps Industrial Supply. “I found it very helpful for my employees to delve into some major topics facing today’s businesses. One of the most notable moments for us was when we discussed communication between the generations. I believe it positively impacted the entire group as we have Boomers, X’ers, Millennials and Z’s all working together in one location.”


“We recently had several employees move into leadership positions from production positions; however, they were not completely prepared for their new responsibilities,” said Robyn Gray, HR Manager at Triax Industries. We reached out to Arizona MEP, and they delivered!  We sent three supervisors to the Leadership Development Program, and they came back after each session energized.  Most importantly, they had different challenges, and Arizona MEP had a session on everything they were struggling with. If they were not specifically struggling with session topics, our employees learned some new techniques and pointers to improve their current work. Most importantly, they could converse with people from other companies and realize that, across all manufacturing companies, these are struggles others have. They even learned from their counterparts and learned the value of networking. It was a Win for them and our company.”


Lean Green Belt Certification: Streamlining Manufacturing Operations

Arizona MEP recently revamped the Lean Green Belt Program, the certification program for professionals seeking to drive and sustain organizational process improvements. Led by industry experts, participants will delve into the latest methodologies and tools essential for achieving operational goals. From learning the Lean methodologies of 5S and Kaizen to strategic planning, the Lean Green Belt Certification Course will empower employees at any level to both support improvement efforts and become advocates for change.


 “Keeping with a continuous improvement mindset, several changes have been made to the program since the very first session was run over a year ago,” said Adam Fuess, Arizona MEP Senior Client Advisor and Lean expert. “The 5-day course is loaded with practical examples, breakout sessions, and hands-on exercises to engage students. Our expectation is not just conceptual, though, it’s also to enable the feeling of real application of the tools. Every student in the class is required to have an improvement project that has been vetted by both a sponsor at their company and the instructors. To receive the certificate at the end of the program, a successful project must be delivered. To ensure success, participants will have full instructor support including as many onsite visits and as much coaching as needed along the way.  No one is left behind, so expect success when you take this course.”


Chuck Rahrig, President and Co-founder of E3 Displays, praised the course, stating, “Over the last year, I have had two members of our staff attend the AZ MEP “Green Belt” course. I selected our Production Supervisor and an Engineer. Both expressed to me the valued learnings that they received from the Green Belt course. Each identified a topic for improvement at E3 Displays as their Green Belt project and I am pleased to say that both chosen topics combined with their Green Belt training has significantly improved the processes they chose for their training. I will be sending more E3 Displays personnel to upcoming Green Belt training based on the success that we have experienced.”


Problem-Solving and Root Cause Analysis

The Problem-Solving Techniques and Root Cause Solutions class is the perfect complement to Arizona MEP’s Lean events. Attendees will gain valuable insights into industry-wide best practices for problem-solving and root-cause analysis. Through hands-on exercises, attendees develop the confidence to tackle challenges head-on, equipped with the skills to identify, analyze and implement corrective actions effectively. Participants also explore Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model and receive expert coaching on finding the most suitable problem-solving approaches for their company. Combined with Lean principles, this program unlocks new opportunities for efficiency and innovation within manufacturing processes.


Overview Of Lean with Simulation

Join Arizona MEP for an immersive 4-hour workshop delving into the fundamental principles of Lean Manufacturing. Designed for manufacturing professionals, this event provides a concise yet comprehensive understanding of Lean concepts, helping to foster a culture of continuous improvement throughout their organization. Gain insights into Lean Definitions, the 8 Wastes, hands-on simulation exercises and practical value stream mapping examples. Don't miss this opportunity to kickstart your Lean journey and position your organization for success. Four sessions are scheduled this year—secure your spot now!

Don't miss out on our unparalleled learning and networking opportunities! Whether you need to enhance your operations with Lean principles in mind or develop your employees into the leaders of tomorrow, Arizona MEP is your go-to resource. Visit to stay updated on upcoming events, or contact Arizona MEP at (602) 845-1256 or [email protected] to learn more about upcoming events.