Non-compliance with safety standards and regulations puts your company at risk. Ensure your company’s safety program works for your employees and complies with safety standards. Arizona MEP can get your safety program on the right track with an audit and development and implementation of a safety program.


Audit Existing Safety Program for Compliance
Auditing your existing safety program is the first step to ensuring your company uses the most up-to-date safety standards. Arizona MEP can audit your safety program and, where gaps exist, suggest and help implement cost-effective solutions to maintain a safety-first workplace.


Inspect Your Facility Before OSHA Arrives
Inspections are the way to ensure compliance with safety standards. If you’re unclear about your company’s compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Act standards, don’t wait for an OSHA inspector to show up at your facility. Instead, hire Arizona MEP to conduct a site inspection based on OSHA procedures. After the inspection, you will receive a report showing areas for improvement and suggested ways to comply with the standards—all without the costly fines your company might incur from an OSHA inspection.


Develop an Effective Training Program to Meet Requirements
A safety program is only effective if employees understand the safety procedures and know what to do when an accident happens. Prepare your employees to respond to a workplace accident efficiently and adequately with safety training tailored to your needs. Arizona MEP can conduct training on first aid, CPR, bloodborne pathogens, forklift, lockout, tagout and many other safety topics. The trainers focus on making it engaging and fun for employees, helping them to learn and retain the information.


Sustain a Safety-First Workplace Culture
Keep your safety program headed in the right direction. Arizona MEP provides ongoing safety consulting, site inspections and training tailored to your goals. The Arizona MEP team combines decades of safety, manufacturing and operations experience to help clients achieve their goals. Contact us at 602-845-1256 or at [email protected] to get started.