Are your company’s strategic goals on track? If your answer includes an “almost…”, “but…” or “no…”, your best move is to call the Arizona Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Arizona MEP) ( Our team of experts helps Arizona’s manufacturers solve challenges that stand in the way of the success you’ve worked hard to achieve. 


Arizona MEP focuses in these areas to maximize opportunities for your company:

  • Putting the right people, processes, and plans in place
  • Connecting you to valuable resources and programs
  • Developing your team’s skill set with training events specifically for manufacturers


The Right People, Plans and Processes for the Long Run

Arizona MEP uses a four-step approach for improvements to be effective:

  1. Assess: Objective review of your people and processes by our team of manufacturing experts to understand what works, what doesn’t and why.
  2. Plan: Collaborate with you and your team to develop a realistic plan that fits your company. 
  3. Implement: Plans require action. We help you to implement the solutions that support your goals.
  4. Sustain: Develop programs that help you sustain then improvements for long-term success.


For example, these steps are followed for continuous improvement of your manufacturing processes, developing programs that help you recruit and retain the right people, growing sales or expanding into new markets, or developing new products and adopting new technology.


Connecting You to Expert Resources and Programs

Arizona MEP is a business and operations knowledge center for manufacturers. We bring you business expertise for strategic planning, sales and marketing, exporting, finance, organizational development, leadership, culture, and team building. For operational excellence, we can help you with process improvement, supply chain management, quality, workforce, and automation. Our service offerings are extensive and designed to support every facet of your business based on your needs.


Arizona MEP can also help companies with state-wide programs that can benefit your business, such as the Qualified Facilities Tax Credit, Qualified Jobs Tax Credit, and Utility Tax Exemption.


Training for Manufacturers

We offer opportunities for professional development through regular workshops and on-site training created specifically for your organization. One of our recent custom training programs taught managers new coaching skills for developing their team members. Other programs help owners and executives strengthen their leadership skills to build stronger alignment throughout their companies. We also have a variety of job-related training programs to strengthen business functions like sales and marketing, finance, human resources, organizational development, safety, and ISO adoption and compliance.


Use the Manufacturer’s Best Resource

Arizona MEP’s deep bench of expertise and experience is here to help you achieve your goals. Our mission is to help every manufacturing to be the most successful business it can be. Our approach is to work with you to assess, plan, implement, and sustain solutions that help you achieve your goals. Take action today by contacting Arizona MEP at (602) 845-1256, email [email protected], or visit us at