Understanding business finances is essential to profitably operating and growing a business. Arizona MEP offers workshops to teach you how to analyze and use financial reports to run day-to-day operations, monitor performance and improve profitability. 


Understand the Basics with MEP Financial Literacy Course 

Arizona MEP's Financial Literacy workshop seeks to improve the financial knowledge of key terminology to ensure attendees understand industry concepts and how they are applied.


  • Understand basic accounting terminology and de-mystify jargon
  • Know-how to analyze and use the basic reports your system generates
  • Utilize the reports to run the business day-to-day, month-to-month
  • Monitor the company's financial performance and diagnose problems


The class will also teach attendees how to understand and measure KPIs using a standard red, yellow and green KPI system helping managers prioritize KPIs, and measure, improve and gauge performance. A great first step to financial know-how, the Financial Literacy workshop provides attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to feel comfortable using financial reports to run day-to-day operations, improve performance and avoid financial crises.


Profit Mastery is Key to Building Financial Success 

The next step to mastering business finances is the Profit Mastery® workshop. Designed to be highly interactive, featuring videos and hands-on exercises, our financial expert will walk attendees through the financial concepts they need to understand to make better business decisions.  


  • Diagnose and monitor financial performance
  • Use break-even analysis to make better decisions relating to cost, price and profits
  • Avoid cash crunches and increase cash flow
  • Plan for and manage growth
  • Communicate more effectively with bankers and other financial professionals
  • Structure a loan that is the right fit for your business


The Profit Mastery workshop will teach you how to gain financial control with proven tools and processes. Increase business performance and reach growth goals by mastering business finances.


Arizona MEP Can Benchmark Company Performance 

Another service provided by Arizona MEP is financial industry benchmarking using ProfitCents®. This tool provides access to one of the largest databases of real-time, private-company financial data to benchmark company performance against industry peers and visualize financial performance over time. Knowing the financial impact of various performance improvement actions, rather than guessing, can help you focus on your most impactful activities. With this knowledge, Arizona MEP can help you develop strategies and processes to achieve growth goals and then assist in implementing action plans.


Go-to Resource for Financial Education Tailored to Manufacturers 

Whether you need basic financial know-how or to understand how your business performance compares to similar companies in your industry, Arizona MEP is your go-to resource. If your company needs help addressing financial improvements, Arizona MEP will work with your team to create and implement an action plan. Contact Arizona MEP at (602) 845-1256 or [email protected] to talk to a client advisor.