In Arizona, October is recognized as Manufacturing Month to coincide with Manufacturing Day, which is held nationally on the first Friday. In 2018, nearly 3,000 events took place across the country. Manufacturers and schools opened their doors to students, parents, educators, and community leaders to showcase manufacturing career opportunities. With your help, this October can be another successful Manufacturing Month.


Why Celebrate?
Manufacturers face many challenges, but the skills and labor gap often outrank other concerns. Manufacturing Month was created to engage with young people to show them the diverse career opportunities available in manufacturing. Think of Manufacturing Month as a tool you can use to spark interest and curiosity in the next generation of manufacturers.


How can your company celebrate?
Your company can choose to participate in any way that makes sense for your business. Many manufacturers host tours of their facility, participate on social media or attend community events. When manufacturers speak about their experience directly to young people and parents, it has the power to change minds.


1. Plant Tour
A plant tour is one of the most effective ways to participate in Manufacturing Month. If your company hosts tours for prospective clients, you can use that as a model. You can take it to the next level by organizing equipment demonstrations and hands-on exhibits. When attendees see the machinery, technology, and cool tools in action, it sparks questions about how things work and why.


You don’t need to take visitors through every part of your facility. It might be more effective and easier to concentrate on one process, machine, or product. You could also take the tour on the road by reaching out to schools with technical education. When you take part in these events, you can start working relationships with educators. You can also use social media to host a virtual day-long event using photos and video.


2. Manufacturing Community Events & Expos
Often small groups of manufacturers located in the same industrial park will work together to create a series of facility tours. This type of event gives attendees a broader look at different types of manufacturing careers. You can also participate in local expos and summits like the Arizona Manufacturers Summit on October 3, and the Southern Arizona Tech + Business Expo on October 30, hosted by the Arizona Technology Council.


Register Your Event
When you have finalized your preliminary event details, register your event on the Manufacturing Month website Registering will make your event visible to a wider audience. The site is dedicated to Arizona manufacturing community events.


Who is involved?
Manufacturing Month is supported locally by these organizations.

Arizona Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Arizona Technology Council

Arizona Manufacturers Council

National Tooling & Machining Association (Arizona Chapter)


Nationally, Manufacturing Day, held on October 4, is sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute.


On the national Manufacturing Day website, you’ll find helpful resources to promote and plan your event. Included on the website: promotion and host kits, social media playbook, posters, and logos. Register your event at to access these resources.