The NIST MEP Impacts survey is a comprehensive, data-driven assessment conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the federal agency behind the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) program. The survey measures the economic and operational impact of MEP Centers across the nation, including Arizona MEP. By gathering feedback and success stories from clients, the survey provides valuable insights into the effectiveness and contribution of MEP services to the growth and sustainability of manufacturing businesses.


Why is the survey important?


1. Demonstrating value and impact

Completing the NIST MEP Impacts survey allows clients to articulate the tangible benefits they have gained from Arizona MEP's assistance. This could include increased revenue, job creation, cost savings, and productivity improvements. These success stories are not just testimonials; they serve as concrete evidence of the impact of MEP services on the local manufacturing ecosystem.


2. Strategic planning and resource allocation

The survey data plays a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction of Arizona MEP. By understanding which services have the most significant impact on clients, Arizona MEP can refine its offerings and allocate resources to areas where they can make the most difference. This strategic approach enhances the overall effectiveness of MEP programs.


3. Advocacy and funding support

Policymakers, legislators and stakeholders are keenly interested in the outcomes of MEP programs. The NIST MEP Impacts survey provides a robust dataset that Arizona MEP can use to advocate for continued support and funding. By showcasing the positive contributions Arizona MEP has made to the economy and job market, it strengthens its case for sustained backing from public and private sectors.


4. Continuous improvement:

The survey is a feedback loop for Arizona MEP, enabling continuous improvement. Honest and detailed survey responses from clients highlight areas where the organization excels and areas that may need refinement. This feedback loop is vital for maintaining a high standard of service and adaptability to the evolving needs of the manufacturing community.


How Clients Can Contribute

Completing the NIST MEP Impacts survey is a straightforward, yet meaningful way clients can grow and develop the entire manufacturing sector in Arizona. Arizona MEP encourages all clients to take the time to provide honest and detailed feedback, sharing their experiences, challenges and successes.


The survey is an opportunity for clients to showcase the real-world outcomes of their collaboration with Arizona MEP, illustrating the transformative effects on their businesses and the broader community. By participating in the survey, clients contribute to the ongoing success of Arizona MEP and help shape the future of manufacturing in Arizona.