The future of smart technology is rapidly expanding past the smartphones and smartwatches that have quickly become a way of life for many.


Smart Cities are the next frontier for connectivity and data-sharing, improving our quality of life, health and efficiency. Arizona is leading the way on building out and fostering these 21st-Century ecosystems.


The Fall 2018 edition of the TechConnect e-Mag takes a closer look at what leaders across the public, private and academic sectors are doing to develop Smart Cities in Arizona, and how these innovative communities will benefit our current and future generations.


Leadership on Smart Cities starts at the top, where Governor Doug Ducey has taken action on legislation to encourage innovation and tech-savvy companies to expand operations in Arizona. In this edition, Governor Ducey discusses his commitment to digital technology and infrastructure, including what our state has done to lay the foundation for the growth of Smart Cities and his vision to connect citizens from all backgrounds in Arizona.


You’ll also read about what municipal leaders are doing to coordinate and collaborate on Smart Cities through sharing data and promoting connectivity, as well as how our state universities are working on multiple research projects and other initiatives to study and encourage the development of these new technologies.