The Smart Manufacturing comic book and app showcase how augmented reality, IoT, and additive manufacturing is transforming modern manufacturing. The interactive comic book is a great tool to use when speaking with students about manufacturing.


Using a smartphone camera, app, and printed comic book, readers can participate as a superhero working on a mission to build a drone. Throughout the story, the team of manufacturing superheroes solves production and design challenges.


You can download the comic book and app here.

You can also search for Smart MFG in the Apple App Store or Google Play to find the app.


Once you have printed a version of the comic book, readers can use the smartphone’s camera and app to make the pages of the comic book come alive. Point the camera at a target image on the pages of the comic book to activate the augmented reality. Readers can interact with the superheroes and become part of the story. If you are presenting the comic book to a large group, you can print the comic book on large sheets of paper and hang around your facility or classroom.