Is your business relocating its manufacturing facility or opening a new facility in Arizona?  Arizona MEP can be your one-stop resource to help navigate construction and permits, facility layout, infrastructure set up, hiring and more. With a team of skilled professionals with practical experience and in-depth knowledge of manufacturing, Arizona MEP can help you bring the facility online faster and support ongoing operations.


Experienced Project Managers Solve Buildout Challenges

Setting up a new facility is a complex process, but you don't have to do it alone. Recently, Arizona MEP was contracted by Scientex, a global stretch film manufacturer, to help the company open its new manufacturing facility in Phoenix. Arizona MEP helped select the architect, construction project manager, contractors, local equipment suppliers and worked with the city to ensure that all code requirements were met. “For Scientex, we were the project manager for the buildout, helping select contractors and equipment and keeping the project on schedule,” said Arizona MEP Senior Client Advisor, Rodney Nelson. “In addition, we were able to give them peace of mind that the buildout was completed according to government regulations and the right permits and licenses were secured.”


Workforce Development and HR Resources

Arizona MEP can also help with staffing, employee training, relocation services and organizational development. Connected to information about local tax incentives, training programs, and pipelines of potential employees, Arizona MEP is your workforce development partner. Arizona MEP also provides HR departments ongoing support in these areas:


  • Recruitment and Staffing Services
  • Payroll and Human Resource Services
  • Employee Training Programs
  • Relocation Services


Your Partner Today and in the Future

With the support of Arizona MEP, new manufacturers and those looking to relocate to Arizona will find no better partner to help facilitate your facility buildout. Arizona MEP’s experienced team has access to resources and contacts needed to solve challenges faster. To ensure long-term success, Arizona MEP is available to help with ongoing support.


To learn more about how Arizona MEP can assist your company, email [email protected] or call 602-545-1256.