Your competitive edge depends on support from your supply chain. If you need help developing a more resilient supply chain aligned with growing your business, Arizona MEP can help. With a dedicated team of manufacturing experts and resources, such as the Supplier Scouting program, Arizona MEP is your partner in turning your supply chain into a strategic asset. 


Align Future Needs with the Right Suppliers

The development of current and new suppliers should be based on your business growth objectives and continuous evaluation of suppliers based on KPIs. Together, we can assess your entire supply chain, align actions and the team to objectives and help you implement the strategy. Arizona MEP has the tools and experience to translate your ideas into specific action plans and concrete results.


Here are some areas that we can help you with: 

  • Align organizational activities, metrics and identify constraints to implement the strategy
  • Identify strategic alliance opportunities
  • Develop a communication plan and communicate the goals with suppliers
  • Establish and deploy risk management practices
  • Develop and implement a total cost of ownership methodology


Sustain, Evaluate and Long-term Support

Supply chain optimization is an ongoing process. Regular evaluation of supplier performance and communication about changes and improvements based on customer feedback, market dynamics and emerging industry trends will turn your supply chain into a strategic asset. By continuously monitoring and refining your supply chain, you can build a supply chain to support your future growth. 


Find New Suppliers with Arizona Supplier Scouting 

Arizona MEP also leads the Supplier Scouting program in Arizona. The program led by NIST, is designed to strengthen U.S. companies by providing opportunities for U.S. manufacturers to form new supplier relationships. Arizona MEP provides participating manufacturers with a curated list of new business opportunities from U.S. companies. You can sign up for Supplier Scouting here.


Arizona MEP supply chain experts are here to develop and implement the solutions you need to turn your supply chain into a strategic asset. Contact Arizona MEP at (602) 845-1256 or [email protected] to speak with a client advisor.