Valutek manufactures gloves, wipers, disposable apparel, adhesive mats and more used in controlled environments in life sciences, advanced material and academia. Founded in 1988 by Greg and Mary Heiland, Valutek has built a reputation on quality, performance, dedication, and knowledge. Top priorities for Valutek’s customers are high quality of products and hassle-free online ordering. Valutek delivers on both.


Global Supply Chain Disruptions Demand More Robust Processes

In 2020, global supply chain disruptions impacted Valutek's lead times, order size and inventory levels leading to increased investment in raw materials and finished goods inventory to insulate their customers from uncertainty about product availability.  Company leadership used KPIs to understand company performance and historical sales data to plan inventory levels, but this new normal required more rigorous processes to manage costs and materials. As a result, the company developed these initiatives:


- Develop more robust financial reporting and processes to manage the increasingly complex supply chain

- Implement a materials resource planning (MRP) system to help supply chain and inventory

- Hire a supply chain specialist to oversee and manage MRP and supply chain

- Hire an e-commerce marketing manager


During this time, Arizona MEP was at Valutek conducting electronic forklift training and discussed areas where it could help support Valutek.


Arizona MEP Assists in Development of Financial Reporting and Personnel

Arizona MEP financial management experts worked with Valutek to develop processes and generate reporting Valutek needed to understand how the business was performing during a given time. During the 90-day training and development plan to upskill current bookkeeping personnel to the financial reporting process, there was a turnover in staff, so the search began immediately for a new senior-level controller using the recruiting services offered by Arizona MEP. Since Arizona MEP helped develop the processes and understood Valutek’s situation and goals, the candidates it presented closely fit Valutek’s needs. The company hired a Senior Controller that fit the culture and had the financial management and reporting skills needed.


Successful MRP Implementation and Training Facilitated by Arizona MEP

Valutek implemented an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system a few years ago, investing in the technology it needed to compete against publicly traded multinationals including several Fortune 500 companies. The ERP system helped the company create a hassle-free online ordering experience. With the changes to global supply chains, the company needed the same efficiencies to manage suppliers and inventories and decided to implement a materials resource planning (MRP) module within the ERP. Since these systems are complex to implement, Arizona MEP helped Valutek secure a City of Phoenix training grant to pay for an MRP expert to help set up the process and train staff. As a result, Valutek created a new supply chain specialist position and was able to recruit a recent graduate of Arizona State University’s W.P Carey School of Business Supply Chain Management program.


Arizona MEP Helps Recruit E-commerce Manager to Deliver Frictionless Ordering

Valutek strives to deliver a “frictionless” experience for customers, investing in the right processes and systems to support efficient online ordering.  “The focus of e-commerce is how we can assemble everything to anticipate our customers' questions and needs online,” said Greg Heiland, Valutek’s Founder and CEO. “In two or three clicks, they can download a datasheet, order retention samples and look up 12-months of test data to compare products. Our e-commerce manager had to orchestrate the delivery of this information. We were looking for a very process- and detail-oriented person.” Arizona MEP helped Valutek develop the job description, recruit and evaluate candidates. Arizona MEP’s HR expert helped interview candidates and administered a DISC assessment to assess fit with the team.


Valutek and AZMEP Align on Culture, Process, and Vision

Valutek is dedicated to excellence in all aspects of its business and observed that ArizonaMEP shared this commitment and had the expertise to help the company address complex challenges and seize the opportunity to improve.  “We realized to get the best value from our investment in the MRP we needed to get our people trained, so they would have the skillset to be successful in a more complex environment,” said Heiland. “When we learned about programs and services through the Arizona MEP and City of Phoenix training grant, we knew that MRP training would help us be successful. Arizona MEP advisors have a higher purpose to support manufacturers and are accountable to project goals.”