Arizona’s new big thing is actually billions of things – the Internet of Things (IoT).


The Summer 2017 edition of the TechConnect e-Mag is now available, and this quarter’s theme explores how IoT – Internet-connected devices, hardware, software and data – combine to make our lives easier, better and more efficient.


Learn why Arizona, with our legacy in semiconductors and innovation – and our status as one of the fastest-growing technology markets in the country – is leading this personal computing revolution. Discover why companies like Uber, Ford, GM and Waymo (Google's self-driving car project) have chosen Arizona as their proving grounds to test and execute new driverless car technology – described by one expert as the "very tip of the iceberg" for IoT technology. And read why Arizona's pro-business environment and robust talent pipeline is attracting some of the technology industry's best and brightest to the Grand Canyon State. 


You’ll hear from Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, whose message outlines how Arizona became the first state in the country to streamline the development of vital "small cell technology" that helps facilitate the 5G wireless communications necessary to build a sustainable economy in the age of IoT.


Plus, there's much, much more about how Arizona innovators are helping smaller companies bring IoT technology to market and partnering with our best-in-class universities on student-led initiatives in this exciting new space.


TechConnect is a joint venture of the Arizona Commerce Authority and the AZ Technology Council. Read "The Iot Issue" here.