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Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Education

In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Arizona Commerce Authority is increasing access to cloud computing education in schools across the state. Arizona schools now have the opportunity to implement AWS Academy and AWS Educate programs, integrating cloud computing education into classrooms. 


AWS programs and certifications provide the opportunity to upskill and pursue tech job opportunities. With content mapped to in-demand careers in cloud computing, AWS students are prepared to fill high-paying, high-tech positions of the future.

Cloud Computing at a Glance

Top 10

highest paying certifications (AWS Certifications)

Global Knowledge, 2019


unique job postings in AZ requiring cloud computing skills

EMSI, 2020


of unique job postings in AZ requiring cloud computing skills request AWS skills

EMSI, 2020

AWS Academy

AWS Academy bridges the gap between industry and education. This ready-to-teach cloud computing curriculum for Arizona higher education institutions provides students and job seekers with industry-recognized certifications and in-demand cloud jobs.


Participating schools receive content and instructional tools to prepare students for AWS Certifications and exams. Educators will undergo virtual training taught by AWS experts and receive access to a limited number of AWS Certification exams. Accredited instructors are at the forefront of cloud innovation and equipped with the tools to teach students the skills they need to get hired in top industries.


To become an AWS Academy accredited educator, participating colleges will work with their instructors to enroll them in the AWS Academy.



As cloud technology powers innovation across industries and sectors, cloud skills are in high demand. With AWS certifications, students and job seekers gain technical expertise in cloud development and learn how to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve business problems. Students may enroll in AWS Academy courses at their participating higher education institution.


For job seekers, if you would like to know more about how to enroll at the institution closest to you, please contact a program representative.



AWS Educate

AWS Educate is Amazon’s global initiative to provide K-12 schools with resources for building cloud skills. Arizona’s K-12 career and technical education schools have access to a customizable curriculum designed to introduce students to cloud computing skills which drive innovation in fields such as artificial intelligence, gaming and medical advancements.


AWS Educate works with schools to prepare educators to teach application-focused content about industry tools, services, and cloud implementations. The curriculum is taught in a classroom learning environment during an academic year.


Contact Arizona Department of Education to enroll your school in AWS Educate.




Students enrolled in affiliated high schools and career technical education districts may work with their career counselors to enroll. Students who complete training will receive discounts on AWS Certification exams.



Additional Online Learning Options

For job seekers with existing technical skills, there are self-paced learning options available from AWS to anyone who wants to learn about AWS Technologies. Self-paced options are entirely online without in-person instructor support and do not include access to discounted certification exams offered through the AWS education programs.

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