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Arizona’s Budget Bolsters Economic Momentum

PHOENIX, AZ (June 28, 2022) — Sandra Watson, President and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority, released the following statement on the signing of Arizona’s budget. “Upon taking office in 2015, Governor Ducey got to work enhancing Arizona’s global business competitiveness. Today, we’re seeing the fruits of those efforts. We’ve added hundreds of thousands of jobs and people. Unemployment is the lowest in modern history. Our economy is diversified, small businesses are growing, and all over our state, new opportunities are flourishing."


AZ Inno: Redesigning The Business Of Fashion In Arizona

AZ Inno: For decades, the way garments are designed and produced has been plagued by inefficient and wasteful processes. The industry could be described as anything but “lasting” and “sustainable.” A few Arizona fashion reformers, leveraging a tech-centered approach, are working to change that. Sherri Barry and Angela Johnson are the co-founders of FABRIC, a nonprofit fashion incubator in Tempe just steps from Arizona State University. 


Arizona Film Is Making A Comeback

PHOENIX, AZ (June 21, 2022) – Arizona’s storied film industry is making a comeback with exciting new projects, strategic efforts to expand workforce partnerships, and renewed attention from moviemakers. Arizona Commerce Authority Film and Digital Media Director Matthew Earl Jones sat down with Arizona Horizon host Ted Simons to discuss the industry’s resurgence and exciting opportunities ahead.

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