Arizona Commerce Authority, Arizona Zanjeros Launch Aerospace and Defense Company Database


PHOENIX, AZ (June 23, 2016)  The Arizona Commerce Authority and Arizona Zanjeros aerospace and defense industry sub-committee today announced the launch of a comprehensive database designed to connect aerospace and defense companies with Arizona-based suppliers.


“Governor Ducey’s vision for the Arizona Zanjeros is to not only promote Arizona as the best place for doing business, but also to help drive business growth,” said Michael Bidwill, Arizona Cardinals President and Arizona Zanjeros co-chair. “To do so, we have formed sub-committees in three high-value industries – aerospace and defense, bioscience and healthcare, and information technology – that are tasked with creating tools and making connections that will directly benefit Arizona companies.”


“Under Governor Ducey’s leadership, the mission of the Arizona Zanjeros is to help improve our statewide economy,” said Lea Marquez-Peterson, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President & CEO and Arizona Zanjeros co-chair. “The sub-committees will identify opportunities within their targeted industries, such as the localization of supply chains, that will increase business activity and dollars spent here in Arizona.”


The database will serve as a go-to resource for Arizona’s aerospace and defense companies and the state’s growing supply chain. It contains detailed profiles of more than 1,250 companies with a presence in Arizona, and allows users to search by industry, size, certifications and products and services offered.


The database was developed through interviews, web surveys and focus groups in consultation with aerospace and defense companies across the state. The project was made possible through finanical support from the Office of Economic Adjustment, U.S. Department of Defense. It is part of the ACA’s and Zanjeros’ ongoing efforts to promote the state and to help grow Arizona’s economy.


“This database is not only important for Arizona-based suppliers, but also for aerospace and defense companies that do business on a global scale,” said Tim Mahoney, President and CEO of Honeywell Aerospace and co-chair of the Zanjeros aerospace and defense sub-committee. “Using this database, companies like ours have the potential to find suppliers right here in Arizona, as opposed to looking out of state or overseas.”


“The goal of the database is to help the industry identify growth opportunities, such as finding new suppliers, customers and partnerships,” said Kim Smith, Vice President of Attack Helicopters and Mesa Senior Site Executive at Boeing, and co-chair of the Zanjeros aerospace and defense sub-committee. “This will be an extremely helpful tool for the industry as a whole, and it will allow companies to realize the competitive advantage of having a local supply chain.”


“The new database provides enhanced visibility for Arizona-based businesses," said Dr. Taylor W. Lawrence, Raytheon Missile Systems President. “The launch of this database furthers the Arizona Commerce Authority’s mission to grow and strengthen the state's economy."


Arizona’s aerospace and defense industry is among the largest in the United States, contributing billions of dollars to the state economy and employing more than 52,000 workers. Aerospace and defense has a rich tradition in Arizona that includes some of the industry’s most recognizable companies.


“Arizona’s supply chain companies in the aerospace and defense manufacturing sector play a key role in contributing to the state’s ranking among the top in the nation for employment, and last year in exporting $3.6 billion in products and parts,” said Sandra Watson, President and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “Localizing this supply chain is good for companies – and it’s good for the Arizona economy.”


The database is accessible at:   



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