Engineered Sand Company to Establish Manufacturing Facility in Yuma


YUMA, AZ (September 25, 2019)  Green building materials manufacturer and developer Rechsand announced today it will locate a manufacturing facility in Yuma, Arizona. The new, state-of-the-art plant will house the production, development and distribution of next-generation engineered sand products, and create jobs for more than 110 people in this innovative industry.

The company's proprietary technology can be applied to capture and store water efficiently and effectively.

"Rechsand manufactures vanguard sand-based water-saving technology. This technology promises to revolutionize industries as diverse as agriculture, construction and petrochemicals," said Jason Lu, Rechsand's head of international business development. "We think Arizona is the ideal location for our first North American operation. We look forward to creating our world-class products right here in Arizona."

Yuma is a prime location for Rechsand operations. Not only does Yuma offer plenty of sand – the raw material which is the basis of Rechsand’s revolutionary conservation and catchment technology — but it is centrally located to Rechsand’s important North American markets.

"Yuma's commitment to advancing desert agriculture makes it the ideal location for Rechsand's operation," said Sandra Watson, President & CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. "We thank the company for its investment in Arizona and look forward its contributions to agtech and water conservation."

Rechsand's technologically-advanced products include building materials, such as pavers, water diversion ditches, plant vessels and sands that are engineered to save and distribute water for use in a variety of industries, including construction, agriculture and petrochemicals. Rechsand currently operates 15 plants in China, producing numerous green building products, such as the pavers and paving materials used in over 200 cities engaged in China's "Sponge City" initiative, a program designed to alleviate urban flooding and capture and retain runoff. Rechsand also produces a sand-based water technology which saves up to 75 percent of irrigation and fertilizer required for plantation. Over 30 years of desert sand research has resulted in some 1,000 patents.


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