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AZ MEP Leadership Development Program - Cohort 8

Arizona Commerce Authority, 100 N 7th Avenue, Phoenix AZ / First Floor Conference Center

Apr 09, 2024 - Jul 09, 2024

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Many manufacturing employees are promoted from operators to lead and supervisor positions but are not given / taught the soft skills to succeed. Sometimes the result is not only the loss of a good operator by moving them into the leadership role, but if that employee struggles in their new role it can cause dissatisfaction for that employee and the employees who they are responsible for leading. Ultimately that can lead to employee turnover.

This program will consist of 7 essential classes for new leaders. The course will be delivered in 4 hour increments, every 2 weeks, April - July, 2024. The topics are listed below along with class dates. To view the course descriptions/dates download the flyer using the link below.

  • Session 1: New Supervisor Essentials (April 9th)
  • Session 2: Effective Communication (April 23rd)
  • Session 3: Conflict Resolution (May 7th)
  • Session 4: Coaching for Success (May 23rd)
  • Session 5: Time Management (June 4th)
  • Session 6: Team Dynamics (June 18th)
  • Session 7: Change Management (July 9th)

Who Should Attend:

Recently promoted employees who are leading others (new line or cell leads, supervisors, engineers) or anyone aspiring to move into a leadership role in the future.


Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm (all 7 days)

Cost: $950.00 per person (for all 7 sessions)


Download the flyer for more information.