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AZ MEP Overview of Lean with Simulation - April 2024

Arizona Commerce Authority, 100 North 7th Ave., Phoenix AZ / First Floor Conference Center

Apr 18, 2024

THIS EVENT is sold out!

The next Overview of lean will be November 5th


The focus of this 4-hour workshop is to educate/train employees in a short, concentrated manner, on a number of the Basics of Lean Principles. This training will help those participating to see how continuous improvement can be applied through the utilization of Lean concepts throughout the company.


Topics to be covered include:

• Lean Definitions (Lead time, Cycle time, Value Added vs Non-value added)
• The 8 Wastes
• Selected Tools from the House of Lean (i.e. 5S, Standard Work, Visual Control, POUS, Pull, KanBan).
• Two rounds of Hands-on simulation (Legos)
• An example of how to value stream a process and how to begin attacking real problems.


Who Should Attend
Business and manufacturing leaders and anyone who would like to understand the basic Lean concepts and start on the road to Lean Manufacturing. Companies that are interested in reducing their inventory, improving their overall quality, improving their on-time delivery performance, improving their productivity and lowering their manufacturing costs.


Time:  8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cost:  $100.00 per person


Download the flyer for more information