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The Arizona Commerce Authority – supported by a dynamic group of community partners — has launched a statewide initiative to help Arizona’s small businesses prepare for success, plan for the future, and grow into thriving businesses. Through virtual webinars and hands-on workshops, local business leaders and subject matter experts will provide real-time support and available resources across Arizona.

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Know Your Target Market

4/4/2023 | 9:00 AM

Businesses must be clear about their customers – their true target market. Assuming everyone is your market is a false belief that has killed many new businesses. Finding your true target market will enable your business to identify customer pain points so you can create a concise, clear message focused on how your company solves those problems. Understanding your target market helps brands define their marketing and messaging, setting them up for business growth and success.

Marketing for Growth
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Contracting Registrations

4/11/2023 | 9:00 AM

Learn how and where to register for federal, State, and local governments contracting. Find out if you qualify for certifications

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