If you want to grow your business by exporting your products but need help to understand what is needed to be successful, the ExporTech™ program can help. During the nine-week program, each participating company develops an export plan that identifies target markets, plots sales channel strategies, and selects go-to-market export initiatives to be undertaken to execute on the export plan. Manufacturers graduate the program with a wealth of export information, access to ongoing export resources, and financial assistance to undertake post-graduation export initiatives (such as trade expos and trade missions) identified in their export plans. 


ExporTech Accelerates Time to Market, Helps Avoid Pitfalls

During the program, a team of experts works with companies on export market research to identify the best target markets, sales channel strategy development to identify partners and buyers in export markets, international risk management (such as export credit insurance and intellectual property protection) and key logistics considerations.

“ExporTech is for companies new to exporting and companies who are currently exporting and are looking to enter a new export market. Both types of companies graduate with a strategic export plan uniquely tailored to that company’s product and target market(s), and companies begin executing on their respective plans immediately upon graduation,” said Kevin O’Shea, Vice President of International Trade with the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA). He adds, “ACA and program partners remain as ongoing resources to the companies who graduate from the program.”


ExporTech provides these benefits to graduates of the program.


Speed to market
--ExporTech companies are proactive and intentional exporters. Concrete export plans outline a strategy that can be executed immediately.

Access to export experts
--World-class experts help companies navigate export challenges in a variety of areas, including logistics, legal, regulatory, and financing.


Eliminating risks and enhancing competitiveness 
--ExporTech companies are exposed to strategies such as insurance, due diligence programs and products to protect against the risk of non-payment and to enable them to offer terms to foreign buyers, thus simultaneously reducing their risk and enhancing their competitiveness in export markets.


ExporTech Focused on Manufacturers
Some companies utilize ExporTech to become first-time intentional and proactive exporters, and some companies who are already exporters utilize ExporTech to develop a focused strategy to enter new export markets. The ExporTech program is delivered by the Arizona MEP in collaboration with national program partners, including the U.S. Commercial Service, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Federal Express. ExporTech is a national program started by NIST.

Individualized Coaching and Group Workshops
ExporTech delivers three group workshops and provides individualized export coaching over a nine-week period. The Arizona MEP typically delivers three ExporTech programs annually, with as many as ten companies participating in each program cohort.

More than 60 Arizona companies from 10 Arizona cities and towns have already graduated from the ExporTech program. If you are interested in learning more about the program, contact the Arizona MEP office at (602) 845-1256 or [email protected].


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