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Grow your business by growing your export sales

How well positioned is your company to succeed in export markets? If you see the potential for your company to grow by exporting your products but are unsure of how to proceed, the ExporTech program can provide the structure and expertise your business needs.

ExporTech eliminates the fear of the unknown

Experts with decades of export experience help you develop a proactive and strategic approach to identifying your best prospects in global markets. You will learn what you need to know about ensuring payment is received, protecting intellectual property, finding sales partners and marketing.

ExporTech accelerates your speed to market

ExporTech is execution driven. Companies graduate with a concrete export plan that can be executed immediately. Achieve growth in export markets and reduce risk with ExporTech.


Working with Arizona MEP

The Arizona MEP structured export development process connects companies with world-class experts that help you navigate the export sales process.

Gain Export Knowledge

■  Logistics

■  How to Protect Intellectual Property

■  Market Research

■  Finding Sales Channel Partners

■  Export Insurance

Develop an Export Plan

■  Define Your Products’ Market Potential and Viability

■  Identify Export Strategy

■  Select Markets and Estimate Market Potential

■  Outline and Assign Action Items

■  Identify Resources Needed to Execute Plan

■  Receive Expert Feedback

Execute Export Plan

■  Report on Progress to Goal

■  Stay Connected to Experts

■  Access to Grants to Execute Plan

Sustain Export Plan

■  Access to Ongoing Export Resources

■  Participate in Trade Missions

■  B2B Matchmaking/Finding More Partners


The ExporTech program is delivered by the Arizona MEP in collaboration with national program partners, including the U.S. Commercial Service, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Federal Express. ExporTech is a national program started by NIST.