crowd of people

Fill your pipeline with skilled employees

Arizona MEP will connect you with workforce development programs and access to experts that can help you solve a critical problem for many manufacturers – the skills and labor gap. Arizona MEP will work with you to identify potential employees and successful training programs.


Use today’s best practices to keep good employees

After spending time and money to recruit and train good employees, ensure that your work environment, policies and benefits are designed to keep them. Arizona MEP can help you identify gaps and implement programs that encourage your employees to build their careers with your company.


Arizona MEP helps you get ahead in a tough labor market

Your company’s long-term success depends on your people. Arizona MEP will work with you to develop the long-term recruitment and employee development strategies needed to prepare your company for future growth.


Working with Arizona MEP

Arizona MEP will assess your hiring and retention efforts and identify gaps, connect you to industry, academic and government resources and help you implement best practices for hiring and retaining the people you need to support your growth strategy.




Assess Hiring Needs

■  New Employee Search and Hiring Needs

■  Establish Strategic Hiring Objectives

■  Training and Knowledge Transfer

■  Partner with Client to Find Immediate and Future Talent


Connect to Workforce Development Resources

■  Job Boards and Recruiting Platforms

■  Industry-led Internship, Apprenticeships and Education Programs

■  Industry Certification and Training Programs

■  Government Incentives and Tax Credits


Deploy Best Practices to Improve Retention

■  Build an Onboarding Program

■  Retention Programs and Benefits Portfolio

■  Measure Against Objectives

■  Implement Professional Development Training Programs