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Take your business from surviving to thriving

Is your organization structured in a way that helps or hurts your ability to grow? A strong organizational foundation will prepare your business for growth. It is built by aligning the right people in the right jobs, identifying opportunities for employee skill development, and ensuring you have the right management practices in place.


Optimize your people to accelerate and sustain growth

Unlock more productivity from your people to maximize capacity on the manufacturing floor and in the front office. The Arizona MEP will work with you to identify skill gaps and create development plans to build high-functioning teams who are ready for the future growth of your business.


The Arizona MEP is with you every step of the way

The Arizona MEP and your team will work together to build a resilient organization that is prepared to take your business to the next level.


Working with The Arizona MEP

The Arizona MEP will assess your people and processes to identify gaps, create leadership and employee development plans, and help you implement best practices for hiring and retaining the right people to accelerate your growth strategy.


Organizational Excellence


Define Your Organization to Prepare for Growth

■   Define the Organizational Structure

■   Develop Job Descriptions Based on Growth Strategy

■   DISC Behavior Profile

■   Assessment of Leadership Team and Gap Analysis


Prepare Your Organization for Accelerated Growth

■   Next Level Employee Assessment and Gap Analysis

■   Organization Impact and Risk Analysis

■   Individual Development Plans for Optimal Productivity

■   Review Interviewing and Hiring Practices


Sustain Organizational Excellence

■   Establish Best Practices

■   Keeping It Legal

■   Training and Development for Knowledge and Skills Relevance

■   Embed Organizational Excellence in Company Culture