Your competitive edge depends on support from your supply chain

To meet customer expectations, you need to reduce lead times, control costs, and deliver exceptional service. The Arizona MEP can help you turn your supply chain into a strategic asset for your company.


Supply chain alignment is crucial to successful growth

To be truly effective, your supply chain must support and enable your growth strategy. Together, we will review your company’s strategy and structure a supply chain that precisely aligns with your needs. The Arizona MEP has the tools and experience to translate your ideas into specific action plans and concrete results.


Optimize your supply chain to move your company forward

Supply chain experts from The Arizona MEP will work with you to set your business on the right path, then help execute the actions needed for success. Our proven methodology will enable you to optimize your supply chain and achieve your business goals.


Working with The Arizona MEP

The Arizona MEP will help you assess your entire supply chain, develop objectives aligned to your growth strategy, and help you implement this strategy.


Supply Chain Optimization

Strategic Supply Chain Development

■   Supply Chain Assessment

■   Establish Strategic Objectives

■   Align Organizational Objectives


Plan Supply Chain Optimization

■   Align Metrics and Identify Constraints

■   Develop Communication Plan

■   Establish Risk Management Practices

■   Develop Total Cost of Ownership Methodology


Deploy with Supply Chain Partners

 Communicate Supply Chain Strategy

■   Share Strategic Objectives

■   Identify Strategic Alliance Opportunities

■   Communicate Total Cost of Ownership


Implement Supply Chain Optimization

■   Measure and Improve Metrics

■   Evaluate Key Suppliers

■   Deploy Risk Management Practices

■   Implement Total Cost of Ownership Methodology