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Build a solid foundation for success

Boost productivity and quality, reduce waste/scrap and improve customer relationships with The Arizona MEP’s customized continuous improvement solutions.


Unique problems require unique solutions

Manufacturing complexity, team size and experience, and customer relationships are some of the important factors The Arizona MEP assesses to determine the right solutions for your business. The Arizona MEP’s team of experts have real-word manufacturing experience and understand the challenges manufacturers face.


The Arizona MEP rolls up its sleeves to work with you

Together, The Arizona MEP and your team will create a roadmap to tackle the challenges and implement the solutions your business needs to be successful now and in the future.


Working with The Arizona MEP

The Arizona MEP will assess the needs of your business, create a roadmap to implement continuous improvement methods at your facility, and help your team adopt and sustain these activities.


Continuous Process Improvement

Launch Your Continuous Improvement Roadmap

■   Leadership Buy-in and Roadmap

■   Lean Workshop

■   5S Train the Trainer

■   Value Stream Mapping


Take Continuous Improvement to the Next Level

■   Root Cause Analysis/8D

■   Kaizen Event and Train the Trainer

■   Organize Tier Team Meetings


Master and Sustain Continuous Improvement

■   Build and Sustain a Continuous Improvement Culture

■   Create and Deploy Operational Dashboards

■   Define Key Performance Indicators


Additional tools that can be used to sustain improvement


Metric/KPI Dashboards

Control Charts

Set Up Time Reduction

Production Assessment and Evaluation

Bottleneck Management

Lean Production Design Evaluation

Mistake Proofing

Lean Six Sigma

Material Replenishment/Kanban

Change Management