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Certify your quality to reduce variation, cut costs and grow sales

Have you thought about certifying to a quality standard, such as ISO 9001 or AS9100, but keep delaying because you think it will add cost and bureaucracy to your business? If you already produce quality products, certification might be easier than you think.


Remove customer uncertainty and increase sales

Open the door to opportunities with new customers and build long-term relationships with current customers by giving them peace of mind with ISO 9001 or AS9100 certification. Quality standards can help ensure you are consistently meeting your customers’ requirements.


The Arizona MEP can help you get certified

We have registered lead auditors with over 20 years’ experience helping more than 200 manufacturing companies. The Arizona MEP is ready to help you implement an ISO 9001 or AS9100 system and prepare for registration to the standard that best suits your company.


Working with The Arizona MEP

The Arizona MEP will work with you to assess your current processes, train your staff, plan and implement a quality management system, and prepare your company and staff for registration.


Quality Management Systems

Document Current Process

■   Train Management Team

■   Define Processes

■   Create a Process Map

■   Write a Business Systems Manual


Train the Team on New Process

■   Collect and Analyze Data

■   Train Employees on Quality Objectives and Standards

■   Implement Continuous Quality Improvement Program and

     Employee Awareness Program


Prepare for Audit

■   Train Internal Auditors

■   Implement Audit Program

■   Conduct Internal Audits and Facilitate Management Review

■   Employee Awareness Requirements Training

■   Prepare for Registration Audit