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The AZSkyTech program was established in 2018 by the Arizona Commerce Authority under the Governor's direction to position the state as the premier place in the world to responsibly test, deploy and advance Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology and policy.


AZSkyTech draws upon the collective strengths of national, state and private industry partners to safely advance the development and deployment of UAS, or drones, in Arizona.


Arizona is renowned for aircraft flight testing, training and research and development, and is home to aerospace industry leaders. Arizona’s legacy as a leader in aerospace continues as the state has become a hub for innovators in UAS and unmanned vehicle technology.


With a culture of innovation, robust talent pipeline, diverse geography, and thriving aerospace & defense industry, Arizona is the ideal location to lead the evolution of UAS industry and policy. 


Combining multiple range locations into a comprehensive range complex, the state's airspace includes 65,298 square miles of rural land and 2,830 square miles of urban land.


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