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Poised and ready to meet your project needs, the state's available workforce is skilled, abundant, talented, and young. While the national average age is 37.2, Arizona's is 36.0. The population is plentiful, with more than two million workers living in the greater Phoenix area and an additional 450,000 in the Tucson metropolitan area.

Arizona is nationally known as a top state for workforce quality and availability, ranking #2 in the country and #1 in higher education degree opportunities.



The state's renowned universities and community colleges are graduating highly qualified students in high-demand disciplines, ready to enter the skilled workforce. Both Arizona State University (ASU), the nation's largest single-campus public university, and the University of Arizona (UA) are internationally recognized among the world's best.

America's largest community college system is located in the metro Phoenix area. The state is also home to three of the nation's top 10 high schools, BASIS Scottsdale, University High School, and Gilbert Classical Academy.



One of the nation's largest concentrations of science and technology students and graduates is accessible through ASU, UA, and Northern Arizona University (NAU). In addition to attracting large numbers of college students, these public institutions have major science and technology research programs which contribute to the high number of engineers in the state's skilled workforce.

The National Science Foundation ranked Arizona fourth in the United States regarding bachelor's degrees conferred per 1,000 students age 18-24 and eighth in science and engineering doctorates conferred per 1,000 employed holders of science and engineering doctoral degrees.



The Arizona Commerce Authority provides a variety of services for your business to find the best employees. A statewide system of workforce development partners, the Arizona Workforce Connection, offers free services to employers seeking skilled new hires or training resources for existing workers. This network of one-stop centers and online services includes:


  • Seamless Access to Workforce Resources
  • Employee Recruitment
  • Labor Market Information
  • Job Training and Hiring Tax Credits
  • Customized Training and Skills Upgrading
  • Solutions to Common Employee Barriers