Bioscience & Health Care


Arizona’s innovative ecosystem fuels bioscience and health care discoveries and breakthroughs. Home to many of the world’s leading technology companies, Arizona is the best place for innovators and entrepreneurs to start, expand and thrive.


Arizona companies engineer and test bold ideas. The way we receive health care is changing and the industry-disrupting technologies behind those changes are made in Arizona.


From remotely controlled instruments to inexpensive portable devices that allow patients to conduct their own lab tests and download their results—the future of medical care is developed in Arizona. Arizona businesses are creating platforms for convenient voice or live video consultations via smartphones and tablets for healthcare providers and their patients.

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The high concentration of bioscience innovators in Arizona means there is an abundance of specialized medicine. Companies, institutions and researchers in the state are targeting advanced therapies to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, investigating protein biomarkers as indicators of individual health and developing cancer therapies calibrated to target specific strains.

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Arizona innovators

The Arizona Innovation Challenge, one of the largest business plan competitions in the country, is designed to advance innovation and technology commercialization opportunities in Arizona by assisting early-stage ventures to scale. Bioscience and medtech startups in Arizona are developing innovative solutions to the world’s health challenges.

Developed a molecular measurement device to support more efficient and accurate single-cell molecular measurement
Combines mobile ultrasound technology with a maternal-health centered software platform that helps increase access to and streamline the maternal care process
Electric toothbrush designed for hospital patients on ventilators to reduce the rate of ventilator-acquired-pneumonia (VAP)
R&D company creating gene regulation therapies aimed at fighting drug-resistant cancers
Manufactures innovative best-in-class spinal implant devices that increase the long-term success for spinal surgery
Combines artificial intelligence and augmented reality to automate the doctor’s office visits and increase access to care through kiosk stations
Improves clinicians’ ability to diagnose and treat glaucoma with a medical device that increases the accuracy of intraocular eye pressure measurement
Developed the world’s first automated ear cleaning device for clinical use, replacing the standard process of care since 1812
Chronic care management program for seniors with Medicare, delivered through Alexa


Arizona’s bioscience & health care innovation ecosystem is supported by institutions, foundations and nonprofits that collaborate in unique ways to improve care and outcomes.

Arizona Biomedical Research Centre
The Arizona Biomedical Research Centre (ABRC), administered by the Arizona Department of Health Services, was created by Arizona citizens who had the foresight to identify and support innovative biomedical research to improve the health of all Arizonans. ABRC supports researchers to become successful and globally competitive, through workshops, conferences, and other educational activities. In fiscal year 2019, ABRC issued $8.2 million in grants to support diverse biomedical research in Arizona.


Arizona Technology Council
The leading technology-driven trade association in Arizona, the Arizona Technology Council holds an annual MedTech conference. This conference brings together physicians, healthcare advocates and innovative companies to discuss the future of healthcare and medical technologies, including the need for more funding for startups.


The Arizona Bioindustry Association (AZBio) is an affiliate of the Biotechnology Industry Organization, the leading national association for biotech companies, and AdvaMed, the largest association of medtech companies. AZBio is committed to helping bioscience companies succeed through collaboration and education.


Dedicated to medical technology startups, BioInspire is a medtech incubator in Peoria, Arizona. The town and incubator partnered to support bioscience entrepreneur startups, issuing $2.4 million in seed funding for early-stage development.


Flinn Foundation
The Flinn Foundation’s Bioscience Roadmap is a collaborative, strategic effort between the foundation, state universities and research institutions to enhance Arizona’s bioscience innovations and industry. As a result, the state has seen medical schools rise, strengthened research and clinic centers, and increased capital for bioscience companies. In addition, the Flinn Foundation’s Bioscience Entrepreneurship Program offers funding and support to promising Arizona bioscience startups, growing health care entrepreneurship in Arizona.