Drive48 Equipping Thousands For High-Tech Automotive Careers



September 22, 2022


Arizona is revving up its commitment to workforce development. 


A recent ABC15 story highlights the successes of Drive48, an automotive assembly training facility that has trained over 2,000 Lucid employees since launching in 2021. 


Drive48 is a collaboration between the Arizona Commerce Authority, Central Arizona College, local government and industry. Governor Ducey joined local leaders to open the facility in March 2021.


See what Drive48 participants are saying:

"Casa Grande has never seen nothing like this. Pinal County has never seen nothing like this. It's a great opportunity for a lot of people," said Vicente Procela. "It makes me fulfilled coming home. I've done something at work rather than clocking in and clocking out. I'm accomplishing something I get to share with my son. I get to tell him I'm going to school which he is kind of shocked about."

"My son seeing that I'm going to college, at the age I am, gives him a better perspective," said Fernando Perez. "It's a great experience to be a role model for my family, my children to see it's never too late to pursue something that they want to do in life."


Drive48's success has led Governor Ducey to allocate $30 million to build six additional advanced manufacturing training centers around the state that will focus on industry partnerships in semiconductors, electric vehicles, batteries and more.

Watch the ABC15 story below 



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