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Small Business Intelligence – SizeUp 101

Small Business Intelligence – SizeUp 101

Join us for the demonstration of SizeUp, a site on the APS website that provides local businesses access to industry-specific and hyperlocal information to facilitate their growth and enhance decision-making through Big Data analysis. The research is tailored individually for each company. By utilizing the website service, local businesses can:  

  • Compare business performance ranking with industry competitors.  
  • Discover potential customers and vendors and better understand their competitive landscape.
  • Optimize advertising to target ideal customer segments.  
  • Analyze customer and employee characteristics in proximity to their business

SizeUpAPS levels the competitive playing field for small businesses by offering market research typically affordable only to large corporations. Attendees will learn how to enhance their success by making the most of SizeUp APS and have the opportunity to ask questions about the service. Receive an in-depth exploration of the Competition Module to discover potential customers, vendors, and better understand your competitive landscape. 

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