Have You Spoken with A Customer Today?

Have You Spoken with A Customer Today?


Customers make everything happen in a business. They call, email and walk-in with cash in their pockets and a request that we solve a problem for them. Wow! Can it get any better when folks want to spend their money in your business?

CEO’s, presidents, founders and other C-Level executives have full plates and long hours. We fully appreciate their many responsibilities and time constraints.

The San Francisco Business Times reported that Wells Fargo Chairman and CEO John Stumpf “calls one employee and one customer unannounced every day to hear firsthand how his bank is doing.”  He values the unfiltered conversations, adding “by the time things come to me, through five layers of management, even shoe polish tastes like ice cream."

Customers enjoy talking about their experience, especially to the head-honcho of the organization. It’s likely they will be brutally honest. That is a good thing.

When was the last time you called a customer to thank them for their purchase and to ask three short but deeply revealing questions?

  • How well did we serve you?
  • What improvements do you recommend?
  • If you were to recommend us to others, what would you say? 

While the findings may not be statistically significant, they contribute to an organization’s long term goals of customer retention and continuous quality improvement. Customers feel valued that you’ve reached out to them, which helps to create long-term loyalty. Those who are highly satisfied are likely to provide enthusiastic referrals to others.